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Somatic Psychotherapy offers you new possibilities for inner healing and transformation.

Thank you for dropping by my website! On these pages I  introduce myself and tell you about my practice as a Somatic psychotherapist, Shamanic and Reikipractitioner,  and Light warrior for spiritual  awakening, 

I have endeavored to create a place where you can find  answers to your questions and, perhaps, take a leap in your quest to find your unique path of healing.

Please peruse these pages and feel free to contact me if you would like any further information or to book an appointment.

In Peace and Grace,

Sylvia Sophia Cust

Somatic Energy Work & the Dance of Life

 Self-Illumination through embodiment

Your body is not an island. It is interdependent with all the elements; earth, water, air and fire; ether, the larger bodies of the human family, plants, animal families, and cultural, spiritual, and global realities. These are the worlds we create and embody. We weave in and out of these energy bodies in what may be called the Dance of Life. Your choice to work here is one step of this Dance, and I am honored to meet you at every level with respect and compassion.

In our work together I attune and resonate with your nervous system, your inner and outer worlds to discover and dissolve the blockages to your new becoming.

Somatic psychotherapy draws on the arts, the mystical, mythical  dream images, and archetypes to illuminate your experiences and create new ways of being in your world – a new Dance of Life can flow out renewal into the larger bodies around you. This becomes the re-mapping of your journey that helps to complete the work of deep renewal..


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So the darkness shall be the light
and the stillness the dancing.


T.S. Eliot