About Sylvia


From an early age, my Metis heritage offered solace for the emotional numbness I experienced in the environment of my beloved alcoholic family. .  I was influenced by the  Metis and First Nations’ ceremonies and healing practices that were offered yearly in a pilgrimage in nature.

 Fascinated by the beauty of the lake, the storms and sunsets, the muskeg, butterflies, and the birch trees I drew special comfort. In hindsight, I recognize the calming effect that the soul of nature had on me; it was a safe refuge from the confusion and shyness I experienced in my family.

  In later years I felt called to gather with others,  connecting with  the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, the Moon and Stars to honor right relationship and celebrate in song and drumming..

This was a way of healing not only for myself, but those around me who also seemed to be cut off from their feeling body and the beauty in nature. I had a strong vision of a powerful healing circle to bring out the beauty and balance within us all.

I am passionate about revealing the hidden light and beauty in what was and is  most discarded, hidden and devalued in life.


River of Light within: Streams of Learning

I chose two similar streams of professional training:  Self-Regulation therapy and Somatic Transformation both flowed from the existing strong current that I was drawn into with Bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy forseveral years.

These approaches merge with the new research on the body, the brain, and the neuro-science of attachment and trauma.

Having these skills allowed me be more embodied and empathic with my clients for the creation of deep and lasting change.

Other streams of learning include The Medicine Wheel and Healing the Light Body - Shamanic Earth Energy medicine based in the ancient wisdom of the indigenous shamans of the Americas (see Earth Energy Therapy page).

My use of Usui based Reiki (Level 3) and Holy Fire Reiki level 3  deepens myshamanic energy healing. www.IHReiki.com and www.Reiki.org

These streams flow together with vitality and joy in my whole way of being, to serve you more fully.

Sylvia Cust  MA, Self-Regulation Therapist

Professional Training and Experience

With an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at King’s College, London, Ontario I went on to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Counselling from the University of Ottawa and St. Paul University. In my quest for deeper healing, I have also explored and practiced other body-centered healing modalities, including Jin Shin Do Acupressure

Please Note: Regarding Insurance. As of Dec. 31, 2022  I will no longer be renewing my registration which i maintained  for 20 years.

So, not being a member of BCACC  payment is changed. For those of you who have insurance, my services will no longer be covered through BCACC

However, a sliding fee schedule is available to you.

With over 25 years of experience i offer a repertoire of skills and capacities gleaned from my enriching experiences with diverse groups.

  • Family shelter for new immigrants
  • Women’s shelter for homeless women with mental health issues
  • Agency work as a crisis and suicide intervention Counselor, for 12 years.
  • Community suicide bereavement circle facilitator.
  • Working directly with the complex grief of suicide.

   Recently,Richard Rudd's The GENE KEYS-Activation &Venus Sequence and Seven Sacred Seals bring a surprising new depth and understanding to my work.

   From your very first therapy session you will begin to discover your hidden gifts for yourhealing and renewal.