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Some of the concerns that bring individuals and couples to my office:

  • feelings of anxiety ,depression, stress, anger, shame
  • shock trauma, relational violence, and chronic pain
  • impact related to historical abuse in Residential schools.
  • grief for the death or suicide of a loved one
  • marital stress and conflict
  • difficulty sustaining intimate relationships
  • concerns with various kinds of addictions

 Sylvia's home office in Gibsons, BC.

Counseling services that may benefit you or someone you know:


One-on-one counseling for individuals interested in exploring their emotional pain and sorting out the chaos and hardship of living through a great paradigm shift in our world.

Aboriginal families, impact of genocidal trauma

Sylvia's counseling is informed by her Metis background and Indigenous Cultural Safety Training. This trauma work honors the layers of betrayal of trust experienced and acknowledges primary healing through Great Spirit. A sliding fee schedule is offered.


Somatic-based couples counseling for those who are interested in resolving marital conflicts and repairing relationship injuries.  Addressing current and cherished values about human intimacy and self sovereignty.


A safe place to express concerns, address relationship issues, sense of self, sexual identity programming and clarification of purpose.


Facilitating enhancement of creativity, self-growth and unfettered expression for artists in various media. The courage to create is yours.


  • In person bereavement circle for grief, loss, and suicide. Maximum 4 participants.