Some of the concerns that bring individuals and couples to my office:

  • feelings of depression, stress, anger, shame
  • shock trauma, relational violence, and chronic pain
  • impact related to historical abuse
  • grief counselling for the death or suicide of a
    loved one
  • marital stress and conflict
  • difficulty sustaining intimate relationships
  • concerns with various kinds of addictions

 Sylvia's home office in Gibsons, BC.

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Counselling services that may benefit you or someone you know:


One-on-one counselling for individuals interested in exploring their challenges on a short-term or long-term basis.

Aboriginal families

You can receive full coverage for Sylvia's trauma counselling through the Vancouver First Nations Health Authority. If you or a relative are healing from the impact of the Residential schools call or email:


Somatic-based counselling for couples who are interested in resolving marital conflicts and repairing relationship injuries


A safe place to express concerns, address relationship issues and sense of self, and clarification of purpose


Facilitating enhancement of creativity and self-growth for artists in various media


  • bereavement circles for grief, loss, and suicide