The Somatic Psychotherapy Approach

How Somatic Psychotherapy works

Somatic Psychotherapy heals unresolved trauma – events that can overwhelm us and cause stress disorder. Trauma is a right-brain, implicit memory wound to the body, the psyche, and the soul.*

The good news is that, due to brain plasticity, this breach can be repaired.

My approach is integrative, transformative, and body-centred, based in emotional balance and self-regulation theory, the neurobiology of trauma, attachment theory, and the ancient wisdom of nature-based traditions.

Somatic Psychotherapy explores and teaches:

  • how the mind lives not just in the brain, but in the whole body
  • how our beliefs about being in the world determine the fullness of our emotional expressions

Somatic Psychotherapy also enhances skills to:

  • self-regulate the nervous system and change old, limiting patterns of thinking and behaving
  • transform major life challenges into experiences of renewal, connection, and growth
  • repair relationship injuries
  • improve emotional, mental, and physical health
  • restore connection to self and others
  • enhance creativity
  • expand social engagement

The body physically mirrors the sense of self. As you expand with joy and contract in fear your body reflects the patterns of expansion and constriction.

* (Dr. Sharon Stanley, 2011)

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Somatic empathy illuminates these patterns and safely works to restore brain connectivity, repair the breach in self-boundaries, and lay down new messages in the neural pathways.

The somatic sensory receptors bring information from the body, through the spine and to the brain to effect change. This approach uses right-brain processes and tracks sensations to calm the nervous system.

What happens in a session:

Your concerns/issues are taken seriously. I assist you in tracking your sensations as your story unfolds. I incorporate gestures, movements such as subtle rotating of your head, pushing, pulling, opening, closing. A rhythmic pattern or oscillation is encouraged.

The energetic releases that you experience in the session are integrated through a guided reflection process.