Earth Energy Therapy

I feel a lasting gratitude for my Shamanic and Reiki teachers who captured the sweetness of the teachings of the ancient lineages.

Over the past seven years I have been deeply engaged in shamanic studies and travels. After completion of medicine wheel training and Healing the Light Body with The Four Winds I was initiated into the sacred rites and teachings of the ancient lineage of the Q’ero and Laika shamans of the high Andes in Peru.

I offer to you a synthesis of shamanic healing arts and Self-Regulation Therapy® to assist you in your full return to your soul and wild heart.

Full Moon Fire Ceremonies are offered each month at the ocean beach and are free for the community. This is an opportunity to heal your relationship to yourself and the Pachamama--Mother Earth and all planetary beings.

Ayni despacho is a ceremony offered in nature, a group co-creation of a gift bundle, an act of reciprocity, reverence and thanksgiving to the Mother Earth and the sacred mountains. It’s  purpose is to establish right relationship. This practice is recommended when there is need for celebration or reconciliation or both.

Aya despacho is a special ceremony that assists the spirit of one who has recently died or who is dying. You are led through the stages and layers of this beautiful ceremony to empower a graceful passing over of a loved one. This ceremony eases the grieving process.

You can learn more about these offerings directly by contacting me, Sylvia (Sophia) Cust, grandmother of the Prairie Rose, Metis lineage, and visionary of the moon medicine.

An introductory shamanic session at my home office is recommended to begin the healing work. An Illumination process for cleansing your luminous energy field will require at least 1.5 hours. The fee / exchange is $90. The session begins a re-mapping of your new becoming.

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Shamanic processes that work with the earth medicine skills include soul retrieval and extraction of intrusive energies/entities.

My heart's desire is to serve your deep healing and your new way of being.

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